Traditional wear: The Buganda kanzu taken by #PSPHOTOGRAPHY at AFRICANO.

Hello Reginahsrunway,

I hope you get a chance to reflect on this month and the new one coming. We are reflecting on the things that make us. We love our culture and we love learning about other cultures. Let me tell you about what the men in the Buganda culture wear. The traditional wear for the Buganda men is the Kanzu. Last time we talked about the gomesi. This time around I recruited some handsome Ugandan boys to show Reginahsrunway how the kanzu is worn.

The kanzu is a respected piece of clothing that every Muganda man must have. They probably respect the kanzu more than they value women’s rights and equality. To make a long kanzu story short, the traders came and traded the kanzu for our spices and everything else they took and here we are. It is worn to special events. For example, if I was introducing Mr. Runway to my family, he would wear the kanzu for that occasion.

 The kanzu symbolizes respect and pride in the Buganda culture. It is worn by the Kabaka (King) and the men in his presence will do the same. When visiting the Kabaka, the women will wear the gomesi and the men will wear the kanzu. The kanzu guards respect so you cannot walk fast or dance in it. You have to walk with grace. In the presence of the Kabaka, you are not to show your back to him.

 The kanzu is originally white. Although nowadays; they make them in gold and off white. The off white kanzus are worn by young men, you would never catch somebody’s grandfather in a gold kanzu. Hell will freeze before you see the Kabaka in an off white kanzu.

 The kanzu is basically a suit. You are to wear dress pants underneath and a matching appropriate jacket on top. Dress shoes only and how dare you wear jeans with a kanzu. So let’s say that the Kabaka invites you to lunch, you can wear your Gucci suit but it HAS to be accompanied by the kanzu.

We are proud of our culture and we love sharing it. If I saw a muzungu in a kanzu, I wouldn't call that cultural  appropriation.

  Thank you for walking on Reginahsrunway. Don’t forget to go Backstage. Let me know if there is anything I left out about the kanzu.  If you are a Muganda, do you have a kanzu in your closet? Why or why not?

With love

 Taken by PS Photography

Location: Africano on Main St in Waltham.


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