Trend Review: Denim over the knee boots are the worst.

Hello Reginahsrunway,
The perfect time to start reflecting / meditating about life and whatever is going on your runway is now. With everything going on, it won’t be long before 2018 is here. I started reflecting on trends that need to go. We gotta make room for things that we actually like.

Every trend has its moment and until further notice, over the knee denim boots have been cancelled. Only Rihanna can wear them at this point and even we don’t think she is a huge fan.  The trend was hot for a second but once fast fashion got to them, they were ruined.  Not a huge fan of fashion.
t this point, the denim boots are baffling and Reginahsrunway cannot deal. On a different note: over the knee boots and over the knee socks will always be in style so don’t get rid of those yet. Just stay away from the denim ones.

Don’t forget to go Backstage. What trends are you tired of? They don’t have to be fashion trends.

Thank you for walking on Reginahsrunway
With love


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