MCM: Brolin Mawejje is taking the Ugandan flag to the Winter Olympics

This week’s MCM is Brolin Mawejje. I wrote this article for the first print issue of Reginahs Runway. I only printed 50 copies. It was filled with well thought out articles and this one has to be top 5 articles I have ever written so far. Here is Brolin.


Ugandan is a tropical country with green pastures, mangoes and only two seasons. It’s either raining or it’s not. I always fantasized about Mountain Rwenzori having snow on its highest peak (somebody fact check that) That is why I never thought of having Ugandan and snowboarding in one sentence. I watched a documentary FarFrom Home- about Brolin Mawejje and his journey to the snowy mountains. I watched it with a sense of pride and motivation. He is a 20 something Ugandan making history. But to him, he is just doing what he likes with his friends. He is also studying to be a doctor. You are proud too.


Brolin moved to Lincoln Massachusetts from Uganda when he was 12 years old. As he was figuring out his role in a different society and culture just like most of us have, he found snowboarding. He met friends who became family. They snowboarded and followed his journey and here we are; talking about Uganda’s first snowboarder. I know it’s only Monday but cheers to that.

 Brolin is an all around athlete who skateboards, plays basketball and soccer among other sports. It was his curiosity and the thrill of the coldness of the snow that sparked his interests in snowboarding. It is also that same curiosity that sparked the love for fur and over the knee boots on Reginahsrunway. It is also good that he made good friends. Sometimes it's the company you keep that contributes to your success or failure. Amazing things can happen when you surround yourself with people on the same mission as you.”I was not judged by the color of my skin or where I was from” he said about his snowboarding family.


Right now he is focusing on getting ready for the Winter Olympics but he has all intentions of finishing medical school. In his free time, he likes to skate, play basketball or go to the gym. “I tend to be more active.” “I don't do much.” he honestly added. He tries to put in family time and listens to music to relax or get ready for the mountains.”I listen to a lot of Bobi Wine.”  Reginahsrunway stans Bobi Wine. Being a fan of Bobi Wine is a true testament to a winning character and if you like Beyonce then we are going for the gold. “I respect the queen” Brolin told Reginah’s Runway.


When it comes to Ugandan food, he likes matooke, beans, beef stew, chapati and lumonde- a common meal in his diet. If there is one Ugandan staple he misses the most then it is the samosas.


Brolin has a special trick for those lazy days. “I push through lazy days by setting goals that are bigger than me which allows me not to be lazy.” And if you are out there and you are scared to live your truth because it's not the norm, “you are the only one that can make your dreams come true. So never give up.” Brolin advised. I was too shy to ask about his dating life.

Photos from Brolin's Instagram

Thank you for walking on Reginahs Runway. Follow Brolin HERE and keep up with his journey. Don’t forget to go Backstage.

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