CAREERS: let’s play the resume game

Reginahsrunway, I know a lot is going on in your life and basically the  world. But hang in there and don't forget to protect your energy.

I’m here to remind you that the job search and dating are basically the same thing. You ever got dumped and fired in the same week? Both can be humiliating but also an advertising campaign designed to sell you. I believe that if you take sometime and do homework on both, you can learn to play the game. So let's play the resume game.

Before you go out dating, you have to have the time and emotional strength. The position has to be open. The resume has to be edited. You have to write down what you want. What is your goal? Write down ten employers you would like to work for and then you are ready for dating. You have to stand out from the crowd. This means doing research on what makes a good resume.

A  resume is basically an advertising campaign to sell yourself. What experiences and achievements do you think you can bring to the table? It is not just a page with duties you performed from your last jobs.That is why you should only put things that you have done. If you don't know photoshop then leave photoshop off your resume. Brag a little. We are trying to get new money.  
When recruiters are looking for future employees, they use an application search system that matches the keywords they are looking for. These keywords connects them to your resume. That is why you need to use keywords according to your field of interest. These job specific keywords will let the employer find you. If you don't use them, you will not appear in the search results.

Search people in your field so that you can know what keywords they use. Companies look for certain things in a candidate so you should change your resume depending on the job you are applying for. Your exes are not the same. So why would you send out the same resume to every job position. Would you send the same resume to all your exes?

If you have made it this far into the article, then I would like to remind you to update your resume, tinder and linkedin profiles.

Thank you for walking on Reginahsrunway. We have a #kanzuchallenge going on Backstage.


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