What to wear to the Boston Nutcracker: Life should always be like this.

Mukulikeyo from that week long saturday.I hope you had a happy thanksgiving and kicked off the christmas season. Did you do cartwheels into the week too because of Prince Harry’s engagement too? What a nice way to start a week. Something equally exciting happen on Reginahsrunway too, I went to the Boston Nutcracker for the first time and I am still in awe. My friend Pauline won the tickets from the CHIU fundraiser. A night at the theater is an invitation Reginahsrunway would never turn down.

I didn't know what to wear though. The few articles about what to wear to the theater were not helpful. But this is what you do. Take a nice shower, eat a meal, do your makeup and just put on a nice dress. Maybe one that complements your curves that you are getting because someone has to pay rent. Just know that if it is the Boston Nutcracker, you are in for a family treat.

I miss those good old days when people would dress up to go to the theater. The ballerinas have perfected their craft and they are so graceful that the list you can do when going to see something so beautiful and charming is dress up.

It had to be the perfect vibe.The theater is not the place to show up looking however you want but these Americans can dress too casual sometimes.  There was this boy who was wearing Nike sweatpants.  You would never leave Mama Runway’s house in sweatpants so mine are not about to do that either. The least I except is a pair of jeans and your best shirt. Whatever you wear, the Nutcracker is a breathtaking performance.

This was the vibe: We all had our version of the over the knee -midcalf boot trend. I love how the squad never shies away from bright colors to pop the melanin.

The holidays are here so it's time to get a little fancy. It's time to get a little fancy because the holidays are here. God bless your pockets because we have to joyfully survive December. If you wanna share what you wore to holiday celebrations because you and yours looked good then send them to onreginahsrunway@gmail.com and the thought behind the look. Wanna gas you up.

Only bright smiles on reginahsrunway.

If you are feeling me, don't forget to come Backstage for more.

Do you think people should dress up for the ballet? What would you wear?


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