5 things Learned from Oprah’s Super Soul conversations podcast.

Oprah only makes her bed on weekends

This one made me sip my tea because I take pride in waking up every morning and making my bed.
It makes me feel like I have it together. Doesn't matter how the day goes, I did one thing and that was
make my bed. Guess it is boarding school habits. Although she could easily get someone to make it for her, according to her- when she finally gets to make her bed, she makes it like there is no tomorrow. It is really the small things.

She loves her solitude.
Oprah regularly talks about ow much she likes to be alone. That explains the gardens
and her secret mansion. She said that she is never lonely, she is just not a social being.
This is my kind of girl. At the end of the day, nothing beats some solitariness.
I’m the type of person who needs alone time to recharge.

The best advice that Dr. Maya Angelou has ever received was “forgiving”.

Forgiving someone does not mean that you invite them back to your table.
It just means that you are finished with them.
“You do have to protect yourself” because then you have enough to take care of the rest.

Don't blame it on the alcohol
Not sure whether she is much of a drinker but Oprah said that treating people shamefully
and blaming it on the alcohol means nothing to her.

When you get give, when you learn teach.

Reginahsrunway has partnered with Africano and will be having Runway classes for children 8-15 years.
Classes will be in Waltham

Oprah’s favorite quote.
“Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.”

Thank you for walking on the Runway. See you Backstage. What are your favorite podcasts?


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