Daniel Kaluuya: A British Ugandan nominated for an Oscar

This is the second best Oscar moment on my Runway. We have a Ugandan nominated for an Oscar and that will not go unnoticed. I will never forget the the way Lupita Floated to the Oscars n the Nairobi blue dress or the gracefulness she walked with in that red Calvin Klein cape to the Golden Globes.  I do not expect Daniel to float to the Oscars in a cape but if he can wear the kanzu then game over. Either way, we are very proud of him. Not sure of the level of pride he has for the Ugandan flag so we will wave ours until we find out.

 He is 28 years and was born in London by Ugandan immigrants. Just like most immigrant families, his father lived in Uganda and rarely visited- according to wikipedia. Like I don't want you guys to think that just because we are both Ugandans that we know each other. But I will do the research.

 As I wait for the meaning of his Ugandan name “Kaluuya”, let us talk about how handsome he is. He is definitely a Ugandan kind of handsome. Ugandan men are very handsome, charming, intellectuals and all those things including drinking.But in this handsome group there are two kinds of handsome and I will tell you what category Kaluuya belongs in based on hs interviews and eyes. This is an exclusive Vogue and US Weekly won't give you.

 The life of the party handsome

  • Talks a lot- always joking about something. You can find him where the alcoholic beverages are. Rarely misses church, still listens to kadongo kamu. We all know that person.

The lowkey handsome
  • Very clean cut, simple style
  • Always looks like he wants to take a nap
  • Quiet but very funny and intelligent when he speaks.

That is a fun #Reginahsrunway description of handsome Ugandan men. Daniel Kaluuya is in the lowkey handsome category and probably too smart to be an Arsenal fan.

Although he has a girlfriend and I’m sure Lupita is booed up and she doesn't want to tell us because it's
not our business although we are dying to know, I ship this couple. I don't see a ring finger on either
of their fingers so this could still happen.

Thank you for coming to my runway. You are welcome Backstage.

For God and My Country.


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