Thoughts on the "shithole" comment as a Ugandan 20 something living in the diaspora.

Hello Runway, I’m working on something so I have not been consistent with the content but BACKSTAGE is busy with fashion week, Awards season and learning new things.  

So Donald Trump said what he said and honestly why are we surprised? He is  very unconventional so I’m never surprised at anything that comes from his administration. I believe he can do some good work and  believe that he has shown to cause damage. At Least you will deal with him for 8 years the most (God help us) but Uganda has had the same President for the past 30 years. He recently changed the age limit in the constitution so he doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. That is shit.

Don't miss the point. Trump is not racist, he just sees money and wealth and luxury. However, he is in a position where he is supposed to be representing us so more than half of the things he says are unacceptable. But here we are.

I like the truth. I take the truth like i take waragi: straight. It is offensive that he called my beautiful humble home a shithole but he is right. I wish he was saying that to help us instead of insulting but let's not act like we don't have shit. So many children need basic things like food, water, clothing. The women need a voice so that they can silently stop being raped, they need help with their businesses so that they can stop walking miles to get basic things. Don't get me started on those greedy lazy politicians and civil wars. But we have a sense of community. We work with what we have and for the most part, I think Africa and Haiti have lower statistics of depression.

Trump is in a position where he shouldn't let those petty thoughts out but let us not act like Africa and Haiti don't have problems. I’m not talking about immigration; I’m talking about the help that the motherland needs and the steps Africans have taken. We are still healing from the last time they stole from us and now they are starting to call our home a shithole.

I know it was just Trump but don't act like there are those people who are terrified of Africa because of the diseases. We got it all; equality problems, Education ( we are doing better in this section because although a big number of people do not have access to it, we love education), HIV/AIDS, hunger, name it, we have it.

Although most of the agriculture is being exported out to Europe, we have a good selection of crops (them tropical fruits tho) spices, nature, wildlife and the beautiful sense of community.

How many people have donated to any charity organization that benefits Africa and Haiti? It is important that we make something productive out of this hurt.

When Lasell College ended their annual Service Learning Trip to Uganda because of a weird bill that was introduced in Parliament, that was something that you do to a shithole country. When you jokingly send someone “back to Africa”, you are not sending them there for a good time. Let’s be honest. The only difference is that Trump is showing this in his own Trump colorful language.

So many things I could say about this topic but after meditating on it, this is what it comes down to it.

As a Ugandan, I am going to try my best to help my country grow. In anyway I can. This could mean being informed of what is going on and informing others, donating to charities that are dedicated to the growth of Uganda. Support Ugandan business and African culture in general but I will start with what is within my reach and that is Uganda. We are turning the other chic and putting more focus on the growth and thrive ness of black people.  We are all Africa.

Thank you for walking on the Runway. I’m always BACKSTAGE.


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