A few of Bobi Wine’s songs that tell us what kind of politician he is going to be.

Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi is a Ugandan musician turned politician, businessman and philanthropist. So Bobi is the same age as my brother Denis who practically raised me. In my head, Bobi and Denis were the best of friends which made me  Bobi Wine’s little sister. As much as I’m Oprah’s favorite daughter.

Bobi Wine has been advocating for change in his music since the beginning of days. You don't have to listen to more than five songs to realize that he is an intelligent brave individual. That is how he became the Ghetto President. In 2016, Bobi released a song called “Situka” which challenged Ugandans to do something about corruption and injustice in Uganda. Based on the work he has accomplished through his music, I hope Hon. Robert kyagulanyi is relentless about spreading ad encouraging change in Uganda- especially government wise.

Here are the 5 songs being shared today.

On this track,Bobi Wine tells you about his struggle and backstabbers. You know, those friends you help to get up only to stab you as soon as they are on their feet.  Bobi addressed the haters and basically told them that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” Wendi means “I’m here” as in there is no amount of shit you can talk to get rid of me because this is God’s plan so I’m here. The jealous ones will just have to deal with your light.

So this song might explain my relationship with money.  You know, some days you have money for a mani pedi and other days you can't afford a small pizza. He goes on to say that there are alot of unhappy rich people. Listen, money comes and goes- if its here then its here but if its not then it is kikomando until you get it again. Kikomando is chapati and beans. You can get it for really cheap and it will fill you up. You ever been broke but happy?

Bobi Wine got a few friends to remind you to always have safe sex. This song features Weathaman (R.I.P). They both talk about the causes and dangers of HIV/AIDS. This one is an old song and it shows the kind of artist Bobi Wine is because this song was made during the times that none wanted to talk about AIDS. I’m pretty sure that the topic itself still makes people uncomfortable.  The song warns you about the city and mini skirts. “Rise up you brain and dont be a fool” aka wrap it before you tap it.  

This song is fun and is basically about making ends meet. He tells the story of a couple that faked each others deaths to get money. The guy’s trick worked but when it was time for the wife; they didn't believe it so they buried her alive. He talks about the power of money in Uganda’s system.

On this track, Bobi Wine calls out the government for forgetting the ghetto and only remembering those areas when they need the votes. It is almost as if he is reminding the politicians of their job descriptions. He urges the government to make some changes or else he will make a similar song- they never changed their ways, Bobi made another song, they never changed again and now he is in the Parliament.

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