Response to Quartz Africa: Ugandans have every right to be proud of Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar nomination

It really be your own. A Ugandan writer wrote an article for Quartz Africa with the title “Why, exactly, are Ugandans so proud of Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar nomination?” to be honest (unless this is one of those articles you write to get attention) how dare he? I had the time and here is my take on it; Daniel Kaluuya is a Ugandan. Just because Uganda as a country never contributed to his success doesn't mean we don't get to celebrate his success. Just let us enjoy the moment and pray it lasts forever because nothing brought me more joy than seeing him in a kanzu in Hollywood.

Although I highly disagree with the writer’s opinion, I learned something outrageous that has been going on with the arts in Uganda. The Uganda National Culture Center (UNCC) whose role is to “preserve, promote, popularize and develop Uganda’s arts and culture” is under-funded. So instead of funding the arts and preserving our culture, they are selling the land to foreigners to build hotels. That is outrageous but not as outrageous as having a president for more than 30 years. But to say that Ugandans should not be proud of Daniel Kaluuya’s success because “there is nothing Uganda has done to help Kaluuya’s career” is such a small minded way of thinking. And to me, it looks like it is the Ugandan government that has no right to be proud of that Oscar nomination since they are the ones underfunding the arts.  Here is the link to the rest of the article. We left this kind of thinking in 2017.

If you go backstage, you will see the video from #Reginahsrunway and friends’ toast to Radio Mozey. Thank you for walking on my Runway.

Uganda should be very proud of Daniel Kaluuya. The name is as Ugandan as they come and homeboy is saying that we cannot be proud of him because we wasn't there when he was shooting in the gym? I guess everyone has their own opinions.

What are we going to do about the under funding of the Ugandan arts?


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