The death of your favorite artist hurts different #RadioMozey

February 1st will always be the saddest day in the Ugandan Music Industry.
A week before the first, One of Uganda’s most talented artists Radio Mozey got into a bar brawl
that landed him in a coma and announced dead on February 1st. Reginahsrunway has not enjoyed music
ever since. There is something different about the hurt that you get when one of your favorite artists dies.
I will never forget how heartbroken I was in H&M on Newbury St when I found out about the death
of Robin Williams.The guilt I felt when I heard of the passing of the great Alexander McQueen.
His designs brought me so much joy, although I didn't know him,
the least I could have done is be there for him. The geniuses usually have their own special kind of demons
to fight. So once we are done mourning and celebrating the life of Radio Mozey, as Ugandans,
we need to start talking about what we are going to do about mental health.

Radio Mozey was one of those artists who made you feel like you knew him.
He was a romantic and charming through his lyrics. I could go on and on about how talented he was.
He was very important and I know about the God gives, God takes but Uganda just lost a one of a kind
amazing artist and it hurts. It hurts because it was so sudden and he was only 33 years old.

Over the weekend, I attended a party that was a tribute to him.
It was a room full of mostly East Africans dancing to his music.
We later played a games called “how well did you know Radio” We are morning as a country.

What is the death of a artist that never left you the same?


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