The Oprah Effect: The embrace that changed the course of 2018.

Hello Reginahsrunway,
You are most welcome. Sending blessings and good vibes your way. If you don't want mine,
you can have Oprah’s because she was on my Runway for an embrace and my credit score
immediately went up. When people describe meeting Oprah, you think they are being overdramatic
until Oprah shows up to the same restaurant as you.

What do you do when you meet Oprah? Uumm do you faint? Do you bow down? Do you say hello
to her security first?. Btw she is protected by handsome security guards. They were very GQ yet
terrifying - they have one facial expression and it was  “dont try me”. So we got the hot well dressed
but yet scart security guard, Oprah Winfrey and the fact that I’m about to faint. My goal was to get a
high five from her but she embraced me like I was her favorite child. So from now on, #Reginahsrunway
is Oprah Winfrey’s favorite child and all the school loans should be directly addressed to mum.
Thank you mum. On a serious note; One of the major things on my bucket list is to have tea with Oprah. In order for this happen, I have to align myself in my true purpose. This embrace has confirmed to me that I will get to have tea with Oprah in this lifetime which means that I will write those books and build those centers. I want my Super Soul conversation with Oprah.

Her energy was so pure and welcoming. I felt welcome already before I was near her. She went behind
the kitchen line to thank the chef and his team. Didn't pass by a table without saying hello or taking a
selfie. Oprah really loves people. That is special.  When she said that she enjoys being alone and spends
most of her time alone, I did not believe it but after seeing her in action, I believe. This is a confirmation
that having time to recharge is very important. Because she spends most of her time alone,
she is connected to every little thing going on around her. Her super soulful conversations can
get personal so you get to know a little bit about her on the podcast. Oprah was in town for the
Super Soul conversations at the Apollo Theatre. The two dope queens, Trevor Noah, Salma Hayek
and the guy who wrote Hamilton were there.
Taken by Kerby Jean Photography

Oprah left the room better than she found it. There is a quote I like to meditate on:
“leave a place better than you found it” I hope each place I go, and each person I talk to feels like they
are in a better place afterward. Oprah did not leave the Reginahsrunway the same as it was before she
walked on it. This should be something you put on your resume.

The  pictures were taken by Kerby Jean Photography.That eyebrow hunnnyyyyy!!!!!  
Wow the makeup was well done. Love the subtle smokey eye. I wonder whether Rihanna sent O some
Fenty products?
Taken by Kerby Jean Photography

Ummm what else do you want to know about my mum? If you wanna know what she had for dinner,
go BACKSTAGE and don’t forget to click the like button. From Oprah to me to you,
we are going to be fine because I hugged Oprah!!!!!!!!!!


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